Planning A Trip To The South Carolina State Fair

Every year, when October rolls around, things start picking up in Columbia, South Carolina. This is the time of year that the South Carolina State Fair is held. Paying a visit to the fair can be a lot of fun for everyone in your family. If you are thinking of attending this year, it is important to come up with a plan.

One way to make the process easier is by buying your tickets online. You can purchase your tickets directly through the fair’s website. This can make it quick and convenient to get in on the day of the fair. You can print your tickets from home and have them with you so that you don’t have to stand in line to buy them.

You can also find a detailed map of the fairgrounds on the website. Consider reviewing the map before you head out so that you know where everything is. That way, you don’t have to worry about getting lost or not being able to find whatever attractions you are looking for.

To ensure that you have a great time at the fair, dress comfortably. Wear sturdy shoes that you can stand or walk in for a long period of time without them hurting your feet. Typically, tennis shoes or hiking shoes are a good choice. Although temperatures have cooled off quite a bit by October, it still can get warm during the day. You may want to dress in layers so that you can add or remove clothing as necessary to adjust for the changing temperatures.

Don’t forget to bring sunscreen as well. Anytime you are spending a lot of time outside, there is always a chance of getting a sunburn. The best way to protect your skin is by regularly applying sunscreen throughout the day. A hat can also be a good option since it will help protect your head and shield your face from the sun.
If you are going to the South Carolina State Fair with other people, it is a good idea to arrange a meeting place ahead of time in case you get separated. Sometimes, when you are in a crowd of people, it is easy to lose track of one another. By designating a meeting spot beforehand you can quickly find each other if you do happen to lose your way. With proper planning, a day at the fair can be a lot of fun for everyone.